About  Us

Back in November 2012, Bear with Me was the inspiration of Sally from Downtothewoods Bears.  As an accomplished award-winning bear artist Sally initially set up this new venture  to promote bear artistry, radiating from Northamptonshire. 

Bear with Me 2012 - 2018  promoted quality creations for the discerning collector and a variety of unique bear-related gift products to suit all pockets.

During that time Sally also established a teddy bear hospital and received the accolade of becoming a bear restorer and repairer with "Exceptional" talent,  at the  2018 Woburn bear fair, awarded by Sue Pearson, an expert in the Global Teddy bear world


Sally has continued to design and make one of a kind (OOAK) Bears for many years, all of which have been named  after woodlands in the British Isles. 

Forget-me-Not bears were introduced in 2016 and are a perfect way to commemorate those we love.  Sally will make you a bear from clothing and items from your nearest and dearest; whether remembering your children's younger years or remembering a lost departed relative  

And also she now offers beginners teddy bear workshops where you too can learn all the skills you need to make your very first traditionally made teddy bear



Sally Cooke

"Hi,  let me introduce myself.  I am Sally the bear maker and soon to be shopkeeper.  Since I was a small girl my fascination with shops stemmed from living above a quaint sweetshop in a tiny street called Cumbergate in Peterborough.  Now as a bear maker the journey is coming full circle as Bear with Me is now born"