Welcome to Bear With Me! 

Welcome to Bear With Me! 

Bear with Me is the inspiration of Sally from Downtothewoods Bears. As an accomplished award-winning bear artist Sally is setting up this venture to promote bear artistry radiating from Northamptonshire. Bear with Me aims to promote quality creations for the discerning collector and a variety of unique bear-related gift products to suit all pockets. 

One of a kind bears 

Sally has been designing and making one of a kind (OOAK) Bears for over eight years, all of which have been named after woodlands in the British Isles. 
A great place to find quality hand-made bears sourced from artists local to Northamptonshire & beyond. 

A new friend for everyone 

Our diverse range will satisfy those seeking to complement an existing collection or acquire a tasteful gift for a loved-one. 
See more about Sally under the artists link as she sells her own award winning bears at the shop and is one of our special featured artists. 
Using the links below you can view our products, services and find more information on the talented craftspeople who create them.